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Commercial Installations & Maintenance

Hassle-free installation & Maintenance

Maintenance and repair of heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment is our specialty. Our team of skilled technicians are continuously trained on new and changing industry technologies. We will customize maintenance contracts to suit each building's equipment requirements for well maintained operation.

Preventative maintenance approach

Our approach to keeping your building reliably comfortable starts with a proactive maintenance plan. We'll take all the necessary steps to keep things running smoothly.


This approach should:

  • Lower heating and cooling bills

  • Minimize risk of major system failure

  • Extend the lifespan of equipment 

  • Cut down on emergency service calls

We'll work with you to design a custom maintenance plan that suits the need of your business.


This includes:

  • Comprehensive maintenance agreements

  • Air filter servicing

  • Testing and inspection services for all HVAC equipment


Do I need a

There are two approaches to HVAC maintenance: “break and fix” or the aforementioned maintenance scheduling approach with repairs as needed. Deferred maintenance (break and fix) is costly in the following ways:

  • Small issues cascading into other components

  • Poor reliability resulting in down time

  • Premature equipment aging

  • Dust and debris accumulation resulting in degradation

A maintenance program is relatively low in cost and usually involves about four visits per year to perform inspections and maintenance. A check list is then developed for each specific building and system.


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